Cocaine for Breakfast

Ain't notthing to fuck with!
Las Vegas raised, NW bred (;
Truly, too blessed to be stressed

Live Fast, Die Pretty. Get Money, Stay Filthy.
Love easy, Laugh Loudly
Hate not, Be happy

Lean blunts with my bestie

Jul 21, 2014 | Lean blunts with my bestie by sosustoday on


Gentle Threnody by Alexandre Deschaumes 

Thinking about how much I think about how much you don’t think about me 🚪
Das me
(^ー^)ノ gonna fuck around and hop on plane to Oakland for the day :p
From tomorrow, with love.


You tell em Chuck.

scapegoats by Jayson Carter on Flickr.

Kill me
14。5。19。I toss and turn for hours in the dark trying to hold back my tears but I can’t at times. I just burst into melodramatic tears.. I really am an ugly cryer… I’m just so upset though. How could you do that to me. How could you. Would you. am I too insane. Not even god will help me. I know there’s no point in asking when I can’t, no won’t, even help myself. If I just tell myself it’ll be alright. It’ll get better. It’ll be like before.. Then I know it’ll happen. In my heart I have to know that one day I’m gonna wake up fucken normal and happy and just quit my shit. I’m so tired of my mind. It hurts that I hurt so much. I don’t mean to. But why do I feel this way. Am I really fucking crazy or is there no such thing as a gut feeling? Besides that. I’m going to pretend I don’t exist. Try this positive shit. Well shit. If I tell myself it’s not there it’s not happening to me and if it is it’s not that bad and if THAT is it then it won’t be forever & has to end sometime then it’ll be okay and I can play that okay off as great. I just want it so bad but I don’t want to try so hard anymore. I want it back. I’ll be ignorant to it. I’ll smile and cheer in bliss. LikeI said So done with myself. You hurt my heart and I don’t like what it’s done to me. These “what if’s” are ruining my life. What if I just stfu and keep pushin and pretend I’m blind to the bullshit even tho I ate it for breakfast Yayo xo no mo. 。。。


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On an other planet

A sci-fi woodcut letter Z. Get any letter in a retro scifi picture at Etsy, from Monkeynaut.